You've got Tableau - Congratulations, but, what's next?

Tableau Server and Desktop empower you to design, deliver and share instant, interactive, informative charts, graphs and dashboards.
You've seen the videos, taken online tutorials, then tested your knowledge and
skills by creating your own visualizations and dashboards. They're pretty good, but....

The 'WOW' factor's not there - what's missing?

Somehow, your visualizations and dashboards lack that 'WOW' factor. How come?
A lot can be learned from free online resources. They can be played over and over.
However, recorded sessions simply can not replace classroom-style hands-on learning.

Hands-On Tableau Training Shows You How to WOW!

Tableau Desktop and Server (while friendly, intuitive, fast and easy to learn) are sophisticated
BI tools. That's where training comes in. Our classes show you the ins and outs, the how,
when, where and why of Tableau Server and Desktop.

Ablaze Group Tableau Training

Tableau 9: The Official Guide - Included free of charge when you contact us directly about Tableau online or onsite training.
2-Day Visual Analysis with Tableau Server - An Ablaze Group Training Exclusive!
2-Day Fundamentals - Training that transforms you from newbie to knowledgeable.
2-Day Advanced - Intense training that raises your experience to a higher level.
More Tableau Training Options Available - Call or email for details.

Tableau Onsite and Online Training

Hands-On Training - Reinforce your knowledge with visualizations and dashboards that you create during each class.
Seminars and Workshops - Flexible training filled with your learning line items.
Custom - Tableau courseware and training designed specifically with your data, exclusively for your organization.
Instructor Led - Engaging, interactive training that focuses on your questions.

email for more information about Ablaze Group Tableau Classes and Tableau Training.
See additional course outlines and learn more about Ablaze Group Tableau Training.

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