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Master Tableau: leading state-of-the-art data visualization software in live, 2-hour instructor-led hands-on courses.
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Exploring Tableau Desktop (Level 1) - available only through The Ablaze Group

      Here's the Agenda:
            Data Visualization
            Geographic Mapping
            Date/Time Analysis
            Customized Calculations
            Quick Table Calculations
            Interactive Dashboards
            Guided Analysis with Stories
            Choosing the Best Chart Type
            Final Project - use everything you learned!

Enhanced Tableau Desktop (Level 2) - available only through The Ablaze Group

Here's a preview of what we'll be covering!.
      Here's the Agenda:
            Review Refresher
            Tooltip Customization
            Statistical References and Forecasting
            Customized Mapping Options
            Animating Data
            Calculated Fields and Table Calculations
            Advanced Dashboards
            Data Source Options
            Data Visualization Best Practices
            Final Project - time to show off your skills!

Tableau: The Official Guide - classic self-paced learning!
2-Day Visual Analysis with Tableau Server - An Ablaze Group Exclusive!
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