Privacy Policy

Effective November 1, 2010

WHAT we collect

We collect web site statistics like most organizations, including a website visitor's IP address, browser, date/time of the visit, and page visited. These website statistics contain generic information that doesn't specifically identify you. We also collect personally-identifiable information, such as your name, e-mail address, and phone number when you interact with us on the phone, register for a webcast, sign up for our newsletter, visit us at a trade show or user group meeting, and so forth.

HOW we use the information

We analyze website statistics to see general information about who's using our website, from where, and when. We use personally-identifiable information to market our products and services to you--we're in business to make sales, and we use your information to try to sell you things--it's pretty straightforward!

WHERE we share

We, generally speaking, don't share any information (personally-identifiable, or website statistics) with outside parties. Except, in some cases we may use 3rd party companies to help us market; for example, to send an email marketing blast or newsletter on our behalf. In these cases, we require that the 3rd party agree to not use the information for anything else, and to destroy it when they're finished working with us. We may also be required to share information if subpoenaed by a court--we'll fight such subpoenas as a matter of standard practice, however. At present, we don't sell or rent our customer information to 3rd parties--period!

OPTING OUT of communications

As stated previously, we're in business to sell products and services, much as your organization is probably in business to sell products or services. As such, we hope you'll understand that, like your company, we need to be able to contact prospective customers. However, if you wish to opt-out of certain communications, just tell us when we call you on the phone, when you receive a newsletter, or when you receive an e-mail. We will opt you out of that specific type of communication only--you may continue to hear from us using other methods of communication. For example, if you opt-out of marketing e-mails, we may still send you our newsletter unless you opt out of that too.

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