It all began when George Peck and hundreds of his colleagues were let go by a huge, fat company in 1994. Soon after, when the project manager for the contract Visual Basic gig that followed walked in and asked, "Do you know Crystal Reports?" George committed to learn it (and, it was the last time George "stretched the truth" a bit about how well he knew a product--the project manager was never the wiser)! And, things just got better from there. From Crystal Reports 3 and Crystal Info 7 in the mid 90s, all the way to the current Tableau Software and SAP BusinessObjects/Crystal BI products, we have been, and are now, hip to the tools. We've been doing BI, in its various forms, for well over 15 years. A fair number of customers are still working with us after coming on board in the 90s. BI is all we do. And, we do it really, really well.


Aircraft Builders                 Airlines                 Automakers                       Financial & Banking Institutions                 Dentalcare Systems                
Drilling & Mining               Energy                 Executive Placement       Eyecare Systems                                           Government: City, Township, County, State, Federal
Healthcare Systems         Insurance             Manufacturing                   Mineral Products                                           Mortgage Processing          
Pharmaceuticals               Pulp & Paper       Public Sector                     Television & Radio                                       School Districts
Strategic Resources         Colleges & Universities                                 Corporate Travel


So Much Better Than Trying To Learn On My Own

I attended George’s Intermediate Tableau class and it was so much better than trying to learn
stuff on my own. It’s also great to be able to have a teacher who clearly has experience with
Tableau because you get to pick up on the little time and sanity saving tips to make your life easier.
Definitely recommend this class for anyone who is struggling to learn some topics on their own!
- Jesse Assenmacher, Systems Administrator, Gershow Recycling

Loved this Class!

Great job and venue – loved this class!
- Ryan Kollmann, Lead Data Integration Consultant, Kaiser Permanente

A 10 Out of 10

Working with the Ablaze Group has been great and I'm sure will continue to be. My situation was a little unique.
He came in after another vendor had done a horrible job implementing Crystal Server for my
company. It took him 3 hours to do what took the previous vendor 3 months and resolved all
our issues in the process. George knows his stuff. Training was 2nd to none also, all around
a 10 out of 10. Thanks George!
- Jack Landers, Director of Information Technology, Oral Arts Dental Laboratories

Fully Give Credit to Ablaze Group for Success

"The training was excellent; George taught us everything we needed to know to get up and running,
we went from 0 to 60 in 4 training days. As a systems analyst for our HR/Payroll systems I have
over 100 reports scheduled out on Crystal Enterprise with outputs to all 4 "Destination" options.
Since then I have been dubbed the 'resident Crystal Reports guru' for which I fully give credit
to The Ablaze Group for my success."
- Andrea Morris, Systems Analyst II, UNMH

Excellent Classroom Instruction

Ablaze Group provided an intermediate/advanced Tableau (Level 2) course that helped break down more complex uses of Tableau.
The diversity of hands-on exercises and data sources made the course engaging and very relevant. Hats off to Ablaze Group for the
excellent classroom instruction and communication!
- Annie Choi, Digital Marketing Manager, Modern Distribution Management

Great Environment That Makes Learning Fun

A great learning environment that makes learning fun and possible. I learned a lot and the foundation has been
set along with great teaching tools to refer back to.
- Travis Johnson, MPH, Sr. Research & Evaluation Manager, Children's Services Council of Broward County

Tableau Jump Start

The Ablaze Group's Tableau Enhanced Course jump started my work in Tableau.
The courseware was clear and data sources were interesting, yet challenging enough to pique
my interest. I appreciate the Instructor's experience in the BI industry, as well as his ability to
provide overall guidance, perspective on visualization in general, tip & tricks, and support students
in using the skills independently.
- Derik Stalls, Senior Business Analyst, Larimer County

Tableau Training That Applies to Real World Situations

George has an engaging style and knows how to not only teach the content but also how to apply to
real world situations which is sometimes lacking in classroom training. It’s fun to be in a class of
advanced users where the discussion can actually help you solve a problem you’re working on or
provide inspiration on something you maybe hadn’t thought about working on. I’d recommend this
class to anyone who has been using Tableau for a while and feels fairly comfortable with the basics
and is ready to take their skill to another level.
- Eric Bettinger, Manager, Performance Management & Data Analytics, Adams County Human Services

Tableau Training Rave Reviews

"We hired the Ablaze Group to help roll out Tableau to our US organization.
George created a custom course for our management that explained showed them what
Tableau was and helped them see potential ways they could use Tableau in their
business. It got rave reviews internally. George then came on-site to teach the
Two Day Fundamentals class. The class was fun and effective. People were creating
reports and dashboards right after finishing the training. We are starting to look
at our data differently and asking - How can I show that in a more meaningful way?
It was a great experience!"
- Linda Kent, Director - Application Services, MSX International

Highly Recommended

George Peck is very knowledgeable about Tableau and is able to communicate the
concepts to students. Our Level 1 class had people from widely different organizations,
non-profit to municipalities to business organizations. The group also had a wide
range of experience from a few weeks to several years. There was a good balance of
time for individual questions while still completing the course syllabus. We had a lot of
hands-on time to learn the concepts. Having time to show each other our workbooks
was also very interesting. I highly recommend the training offered by AblazeGroup.
- Dana Barnes, Sr. Business Analyst, REcolorado

Invaluable Tableau Dashboard Lessons

My experience with the Ablaze Group Tableau Training provided me with
invaluable lessons, and I am thankful to have been a part of George’s Level 1 training class.
George used some real life data sources to create revealing dashboards and stories.
These made the hands-on exercises very engaging. George was able to break down
the complexities of Tableau which made the training not as overwhelming. Receiving
a hardcopy workbook, an electronic PDF, and data files was also very helpful. With a
great sense of humor, and relative past experiences, George is a wonderful teacher and
was very responsive to feedback and questions.
- Annie Choi, Analytics Manager, Modern Distribution Management - MDM

Great Help Learning and Increasing Tableau Capabilities

George has been a great help to our increased learning and utility of Tableau capabilities here
at Compassion. I have only received positive feedback from the class attendees. He engages
well with the audience at all levels of expertise. Even as an experienced Tableau user, I learn
something new from him each time he teaches.
- Walt Ogilvie III, Business Intelligence Manager/a.k.a.'Information Artist™', Compassion International

Tableau: The Official Guide - Another Fantastic Book

Another fantastic book by George Peck. A must-have book for users wanting to learn Tableau
and put the tool to use using good techniques. It's a complete guide from start to finish.
Tableau users of all skill levels will benefit from reading this book, downloading companion
workbooks, watching videos and reading through additional reference documentation.

George is an amazing trainer and it shows in the way he authors his books. The series of
"Official Guide" books has helped me better understand Tableau to implement better practices in
my dashboards. The straight-forward and easy to understand writing style has given me more
confidence to pursue and attain Tableau certifications. Thanks George!
- Michael Perillo, Tableau Platform Administrator, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.

A Name You Can Trust

The Ablaze Group is a name you can trust. I have turned to George & team over the
last ten years or so, for support with Business Intelligence tools & perspective. I have
always been not only satisfied, but impressed with the services the Ablaze Group has
provided. I have the utmost confidence in this team and recommend them highly.
- Derik Stalls, Senior Business Analyst, Larimer County Criminal Justice Services Division

George Peck's book on Tableau saved my life!

"I had a new contract job and was asked to create critical financial dashboards using
Tableau which I had never used before. I searched on Amazon, was impressed by the reviews
of this book (Tableau 8: The Official Guide), and immediately ordered it.
By spending time on each chapter, I was able to teach myself how to use Tableau effectively.
By learning this skill, I've since been able to grow my new consulting business and turned
from a seasoned Excel user to a Tableau convert. He really helps you understand the "why"
behind the "how" so you can think through a problem by yourself. I cannot wait for Tableau 9 to be released!!"
- Janet Siegfried, Business/Data Analyst Consultant, JInsight

BI Jump Start

"I have enjoyed the opportunities to work with Ablaze Group since I attended their Crystal Boot Camp a few
years back. George's knowledge of the BusinessObjects/Crystal products has aided me professionally, as well
as helped KinderMorgan get a jump start with BI. Now that I am with Tallgrass, I look forward to continuing
the relationship."
- Dave McKittrick, IT Project Leader - Applications, Tallgrass Energy Partners

Excellent Training

"In my previous company, we hired Ablaze Group to do remote Crystal training for our Report Management
department; a team of 15 working both in office & telecommuting. The training we got was excellent, our
questions were answered and there was a lot of interaction between the group and trainer. I work for a new
company now and I recommended Ablaze Group for our remote Crystal training, fully expecting the quality and
expertise I experienced previously."
- Elaine Stamness, Clinical Business Analyst, Health Choice Arizona

Valued Business Partner

"Ablaze Group has been a valued business partner for the past 10 years. They partner
with us to introduce new business intelligence solutions, provide training, and offering me a
sounding board to float new ideas and concepts. Their high level of customer service and
solutions expertise offer real value to their clients. We would recommend them hands down
to all others in their space."
- Steve Wasserman, CIO, Cap Management Systems

Tableau: The Official Guide - Excellent Resource/Comprehensive Analysis Coverage

"Author George Peck has done a great job showing concepts and techniques related to data
analysis and visualization. This book provides a comprehensive review of Tableau 8.0 and
does a great job at showing not just the software but good analytic and charting examples.
I found lots of details and tips that kept me from being lost in the labyrinth of features and
even found myself wondering what else could be built. I definitely recommend this book,
and I hope that the author is working on a more advanced training version!!!"
- Joseph C. Knox, Category Development Manager - Kroger Team, WhiteWave Foods Company

Server Issues Quickly Resolved

"We contacted Ablaze Group to install the latest version of Crystal Server in a new environment
and migrate all of our reports and configurations from an older version. I searched for months
looking for a competent partner to help with this and came up empty until I found Ablaze Group.
The installation/migration was plagued by issues unique to our system but George Peck worked with
me and SAP to get them resolved quickly. I'm very happy with Ablaze Group and won't hesitate to call
them again."
- Pat Walsh, IT Operations - Minnesota Diversified Industries

Insightful Tableau Presentations

"George Peck's presentations made Tableau Software come alive for me."
- Paul Dombrowski, Americas Digital Printing Solutions, Eastman Kodak Company

Greatly Improved Productivity

"The Ablaze Group's experience and expertise has helped instill valuable technological skills
in our employees. With their help, we have been able to use our Crystal Server to its full
potential and have greatly improved our productivity. We could not have done it without Ablaze!"
- Beth Boydston, Assistant to the President, Broadview Mortgage Corp.

Excellent Tableau Presentation

"George was very helpful to the Baltimore Tableau User Group and greatly added to our understanding of
Tableau Maps. We learned the underlying way that Tableau handles maps, and it allowed many in our group
to envision using maps in an entirely new way. George is an excellent presenter, and the Baltimore
Tableau User Group highly recommends George!"
- Michael F. Clarke, MBA, Founder, Baltimore Tableau User Group

Successful Implementation of Crystal Server

"We were very pleased with the services and that were provided by the Ablaze Group.
Their consultant, George Peck, came and helped us get started using Crystal Server immediately.
Besides spending a couple very-productive days at our company, he was a great source to call when
we had questions. We felt we had a friend on the "inside" to get expert advice and help. The Ablaze
Group was a key part to our successful implementation of Crystal Server."
- Christian Degn, ERP Analyst, US Synthetic

Great Asset to the BusinessObjects Community

"George's presentation, Mobile Options in Crystal Server 2011 Service Pack 5, was a great
addition to our Pittsburgh BusinessObjects Users Group meeting. He gave a great overview.
His experience, in depth knowledge and participation on influence councils
with SAP continues to be a great asset to the BusinessObjects community."
- Tammy Datri, PMP, Coordinator, Pittsburgh BusinessObjects Users Group

Highly Skilled Professionals

"Ablaze Group is dependable and knowledgable in their areas of expertise. I have worked with them
for the past 10 years and highly recommend them for consulting, training, and implementation support.
They are highly skilled professionals and I have enjoyed working with them."
- Stephanie Myers, IT Project Manager, Potlatch Corporation

Foremost Experts

"During my years working at SAP, I have always had nothing but full confidence referring my clients
to Ablaze Group. Personable and professional, they are the foremost experts concerning SAP BusinessObjects
Crystal software and services, with a deep care for learning and truly understanding their customer's needs.
- Martin Wong, Inside Distribution Sales, SAP

An Excellent Business Relationship

"We were undergoing a relatively complex implementation of BusinessObjects infrastructure, requiring a
world-wide presence and some rather complicated data-privacy rules for certain geographic areas. This was
beyond the expertise we had in-house, so we contacted Ablaze Group for their help. We were AMAZED at how
quickly they were able to come in and get things up and running for us: it was incredible. And over the
years, that has blossomed into an excellent business relationship for us."
- Brad Blake, Manager, Database Systems, Pharmion

Outstanding Training

"Our experiences with The Ablaze Group over the years have been great! George is an expert who gladly
shares his knowledge, expertise and insight, and really takes an interest in partnering with an organization to provide
solutions - an approach that provides more than just their outstanding training."
- Laurie Klinger, Sr. HR Analyst, Orange County Sanitation District

Always Positive Results

"I engaged The Ablaze Group multiple times, always with positive results. They provide expert design
and development skills; they also provide excellent training for all levels of developers and business
users, in the Crystal suite of products."
- Leif Martinson, AVP, Lincoln Financial Group

Exceed Expectations

"We hired The Ablaze Group to help us create custom reports for a complicated Occupational Health software
program and continued to exceed my expectations throughout the project, both in terms of responsiveness
and the ability to get the job done. We certainly couldn't have completed our project without George's
wealth of knowledge. They made my job easy!"
- Jeanette Karon, Senior Process Redesign Analyst, Elmhurst Memorial Healthcare

Technical Skills Are Unmatched

"I have always been impressed with The Ablaze Group's SAP Crystal Solutions expertise. George has
both an excellent reputation and track record with products; his professional manner and technical
skills are unmatched. I can say without hesitation that The Ablaze Group is a considerable asset to any company
interested in professional services in the BI area."
- Stefan Popescu, Sales Consultant, SAP

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